Honor Your Calling

I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with ideas such as a ‘calling’ or a ‘Soul Purpose’.

On the one hand, I know many of us are searching for our place of perfect fit: that space of deep resonance where all that we are connects with all we can do and can be... But, when we dress it up in concepts of "a calling'" and "a purpose,' it can become this elusive and daunting and obscure ‘out there' object to obtain rather than a natural and simple process of high vibrational living. 

Let's be clear - I knew there was an "it" for me and I spent a lot of time in my youth looking for my ‘calling’ as I tried on new career after new career. I retrained and re-studied in the vain attempt that the next work place would be "it'' for me. Now I know, how could it be? I am my own it! As long as I believed it was something ‘out there’ to do, I was never going to fulfil the ideal of ‘Purpose’, which is all about becoming what’s inside of me.

But here's where I love the ideal of honouring your calling: in committing to the essence of what makes you, YOU. That ideal, to me, is something to pursue; something to shape your life to. So for me, a ‘calling’ is really the internal recognition that you are here to extend the fullest and brightest you that you can be out into the world in the best way you know how. 

From coaching so many people, I know that deep down, we really all know what we love. For some of us it's one special thing that makes life come 'ALIVE' with the energy of creation. For others of us, it's several things, which spark life alight for us. Whichever way passion strikes for you, honouring your calling means that you will be brave enough to reveal that unique connection to source that you alone have and be prepared to extend that gift out to the world at large to benefit us all. 

When we think of ‘a calling’ we often think in high ideals such as spiritual service, or a teacher perhaps or at least an entertainer of great repute. But actually a calling is simply honouring whatever it is that makes you, YOU: your history, your beliefs, your energy, your interests, your values, and your passion joined with your desire to serve. This is the real essence of a calling: the impulse you have to give of yourself in service to others. If we seek to give all that we are for the glory of everyone and indeed everything on our Planet, we are truly connecting to the idea of ‘a calling’. 

So let's keep it simple because I like things to be easy: forget ridiculously high ideals; forget trying to live up to other people’s ideas of a Purposeful life and instead keep two main principles in your head as you go about your working life:

1.) Discover and know your Loves - your places of passionate energy and...

2.) Put that energy into service for everyone:

Work out the best way you can to utilise your uniqueness in a way that serves
mankind. And, when you figure that out, GO FOR IT will all you have. Don't hold back. Don't play small. Don't devalue your life. Get it out there and believe in all you do. Make your life matter by valuing yourself, your gifts and by relentlessly gifting them to the world. Stand tall in your being you. Unleash your power to the world.  Commit to the moment you're in: Honour your sacred life wherever you are, right now. Follow your Joy in each step that you take and you will be creating the perfect Heart-Centred Career for you. Follow that journey wherever it's leading you. And never quit. Never Settle. And never belittle your worth. If it matters to you and it’s your Joy, it’s purpose enough for us.

Whomever you admire for honouring their calling, know that your ‘raison d 'etre’ is every bit as compelling to the global family of 'us’, and that you serve us all by lighting a flame of Joy in your life and bringing it to work - to earn your living from your joy. Nothing could be more rewarding. 

Keep it simple and keep it real: You rock. You just gotta believe it and make your loves into a contribution for us all - and more importantly a resonant place of energy
validation for you. Your calling is YOU born into the world for the service of mankind.

So go Live your Love!
With Love: Angela

Angela Swift is an Author, Spirit Channeler, and a Heart-Centred Career Coach living on the Gold Coast in Australia. She’s committed to helping people find their Joy and raise the vibes of Planet Earth! 

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Big shout out to Angela for her guest post. I know you'll find some amazing take aways in this sea of wisdom. As always, until next time...