The Power Of Before And After, A Website Design Love Story

The Power Of Before And After, A Website Design Love Story

It’s one thing to know how powerful a redesign or rebranding can make you feel,

giving you a sense of confidence and angst to shout from the rooftops and share with the world. But there’s nothing like the feeling of seeing the before and after images; evidence that indeed, progress has been made. 

Of course the before and after also signifies how far you’ve come and where you’ve grown. I’m speaking in general here, as this can be applied to almost anything in your life. However, I just wrapped up a project with a client where we completely redesigned her website to match the new, high quality of her work. If you’ve read anything that I’ve compiled before, you know I’m an advocate of making sure your content matches the quality of your brand. Needless to say, my client just stepped it up to a whole new level; I’m like a proud branding mama bear

Brooke Sforza of BrookeAllison, a Massachusetts based wedding photographer, originally reached out to me knowing she was ready for something different when it came to her website. Being a creative, she already had a handle on the idea that it’s not enough for your work to be amazing; the manner in which you present your work has to match the same level of amazingness. That’s branding. 

So where did we start? At the beginning, where each process with my clients begins: with a strategy session, diving deep into who they are, what their goals are in working with me, and what they desire for their branding. I remember Brooke clearly stating, 

“ My goal is for my site to accurately represent the style of photography that I do.”

Where her website stood before we began the process, left her feeling like it gave off a presence of “cheap” and “unprofessional”. But to go from that to her goal of “soft, dreamy, and romantic” was no small task. We both had alot of work ahead of us. 

As in any branding element, we wanted the redesign of her site to appropriately showcase her work, but in so doing, attract her ideal clients: brides that wanted to feel “soft, dreamy, and romantic”; exactly what Brooke delivers in her photography. 

Through the weeks we met at each milestone, discussing our progress. As we began to see the website come to life through the design mockups, we actually uncovered a stylistic feature of Brooke’s: her photography always has an element of blue. Which, being in the wedding industry, has a bit of irony in-and-of-itself. Uncovering these realizations along the way is all apart of the magic! Also,  a huge factor in how to shape the design for her new site. From here, we had a solid direction to follow to compliment her work appropriately. 

Needless to say the end result is stunning, fully showcasing Brooke’s work in the manner is which she was hoping. Her kind words to me gave me a sense of validation as this work is truly my calling: helping powerhouse women business owners bring the branding of their dreams to life. Not only is she overjoyed by the results of her website redesign, I know it will positively effect her bottom line too; also a key element in business.

"I knew the minute I heard Jennah's voice that we were a perfect match. She was organized, enthusiastic + already excited about a site that wasn't anything more than a dream in my head. I tend to be ALL over the place and extremely disorganized so I loved that right out of the gates she sent me a schedule and told me that we were "sticking to it!" She was able to give me a site that I had always wanted and overall, a site that felt like me and allowed my work to stand on its own."

As for me, I took away so much more than just a website rebrand. As Brooke and I collaborated throughout the weeks on the monumental shift in her business, I got to know her so much more. Believe it or not, I learned that she is my ideal client. She had me at donuts. [I mean, have you checked out the Blue Loui Studio site? The best meetings include donuts]. But beyond donuts, Brooke understands the value in design and how it has the power to shape her business. Your website is your digital storefront, and let’s face it, hers wasn’t matching what was being sold inside. I’m honored to have worked with her and so grateful she trusted me in bringing her vision to life! It’s a whole new ballgame for Brooke and as my client, I’m excited to watch her business grow!

Check out Brooke’s full website in the flesh here

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